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  1. Well, this is disappointing. I don’t mean to be harsh, but you do call yourself a data storyteller, yet this does not tell a story, at least not one that is very interesting and potentially misleading even. Why do you just throw summaries of the raw data at your readers and not dig into them even just a little more, to actually tell a story?

    For example, differences between male and female beatles listeners: How much am I getting out of the first ten songs being identical, with “Yesteday” and “Love Me Do” having switched places? Not very much. While that is not a bad starting point (a look at the raw data rarely is), what you could have done next is look at the what you are really interested in here – the *differences* (say of popularity ranks or standardized frequencies), which would be so vastly more informative.

    The same thing holds for breaking listeners into age groups. What does this pie chart tell me, except that people who “were born after the band was active” make up the majority of spotify users anyway, meaning I would expect a very similar graph for virtually any popular band. Again, starting with that basic visualization, you could have proceeded by plotting how much it deviates from, say, the same graph of overall spotify listens (similar to what I assume you did in the distinctive songs per country graph) or plotted the share of people that listen to the beatles, given their age group? The latter you could even continuously, with listener age on the x-axis and the share of beatles enthusiasts for each age on the y-axis – maybe you would find that the older the people, the higher the percentage of those who listen to the beatles, which would be the exact opposite of what your pie chart suggests. How much more exciting would that be?

    You have access to such a great data set and a really good platform to present your results, a playground that others (me.) would love to have. Honestly, why waste it.


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