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  1. Well, according to this map, cities as disparate as London, Berlin, Vienna, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago all have the same top ‘distinctive’ song, and nearly the identical top 5… I think your data alchemist is maybe a bit overworked trying to analyze billions of interactions… let alone comprehending and identifying distinctive musical styles for, literally, the entire world.


    1. Glenn says, “Distinctive popularity is a combination of absolute local popularity and that local popularity relative to global popularity, plus a bit of a bonus for newness. The weighting of these elements is arbitrary, and could be changed to produce more distinct (but more obscure) music or more popular (but less distinct) music, or slower- or faster-changing lists. But the current weights have held up fairly well over time. Big international hits like this have their moments, but pass pretty quickly.”


  2. Spotify is not available worldwide and will never be due to legal constraints and technology issues. Check Kanjian 360 app on iTunes and Google Play stores for the Chinese Spotify.
    2017 will be the year of the change, time to start to pay content creators and give listers the freedom of choice they deserve.
    20 million songs? Think about an app that gives you access to 90 million songs and pays the artists… utopia?


  3. Hi Eliot! I’m also interested in a yearly review per city (in mi case, Malaga(Spain)). And I have another question: Is it possible to know the genre of a song in a playlist?


  4. Sorry, wrong question… what I meant was “is there any place where we can fund how this rankings per cities are made”? It would be interesting to know the most song played by cities….


    1. These are the songs most distinctive to each city at any given time. We have no such map for the most popular per city at the moment (‘most popular’ doesn’t vary as much per city), but perhaps we will in the future.


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