4 thoughts on “The Spotify Blog

  1. hi my name is Zaki Rashid,
    I’m a senior in high school and take a class called GIS (Geospacial Information Systems), a college level course where we learn how to create maps and add data to it…similar to the CARTO web page you are using but really in-depth. and would like to know how you got the data to make the prince map as i am trying to do a similar thing for my GIS final which evidently is due at the end of May and my project relies on the data i get from spotify


    1. I used internal Spotify data – the number of anonymous, aggregated plays of Prince music per city by day. I could potentially provide similar data, normalized by plays, if you tell me which artist(s) you’re interested in, and over which timeframe.


      1. it depends on what the data is, but one of my back up projects is based around Kendrick Lamar and his growth from the 13th to the 22nd (essentially the debut of his new album and a week after) but i have a larger plan in mind for the spotify’s top 200 where basically i could make a map aggregating all the data and finding out whats the most popular 3 music genre per state as a total…the second one would be alot of work (like atleast 2 months worth) but its definately worth it and the effort….and honestly i really thank you for not just overlooking my comment


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