5 thoughts on “The Spotify Blog

  1. I’m surprised that there’s more major than minor key in EDM/Dance. When I go to Beatport.com it looks like most songs are in minor keys. Also it would just make sense for EDM to be mostly minor because it’s so repetitive, so minor chord progressions keep the tension through the songs.


  2. Your methodology is flawed. You exclude 1) the possibility of no key. 2) the possibility of multiple keys. 3) modes.

    A key is a subjective organizing principle of tonal composition, not a property of frequencies.

    Your method commits confirmation bias: you only find what you are looking for.


  3. Interesting that there is a greater percentage of major keys than minor keys in virtually ever genre listed here. The algorithm may detect what scale the frequencies of a song best fit to, but how does it detect the difference between a major key and it’s relative minor? I suspect a flaw.


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