5 thoughts on “The Spotify Blog

  1. I’m definitely and outlier! I listen every Monday to Discovery Weekly (love it) and my daily mixes. I would also attribute the change to the fact that now when you are listening to an artist and the album is finished, you are prompted to the artist radio to discover much more musicians.
    I would love to see my listener statistics! I hope you will surprise us with an end of year campaign 🙂


  2. I think the more interesting stat would be how many artists first heard through discover and spotify curated playlist lead to a second (or more continued) listen. How many people listen to the created or curated playlists and never dive deeper to explore artists full discography? Thats the comparison I want. Are people using spotify to discover music, or just take the guess work out of finding background music?


    1. This would be a great thing to quantify, but I guess we know the answer really: only a tiny minority will hit the spot that makes a user want to hear more. There just isn’t time to look up 50 new artists a week and listen to an album each…


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