#BlackGirlMagic on Spotify and Instagram

#BlackGirlMagic celebrates the power, resilience and beauty inspired by black women in our generation and generations past. As part of Black History Month, Spotify and Instagram have teamed up to spotlight #BlackGirlMagic with an interactive U.S. map highlighting the most-liked Instagram posts featuring the artists from #BlackGirlMagic playlists who are most associated with each state, according […]

Dataviz: A ‘Joy Plot’ about Joy Division

You’ve likely seen the iconic album art from Joy Division’s 1979 album, Unknown Pleasures on T-shirts, tattoos, and online. You might also know that the image represents a data plot of eighty successive radio pulses from the first known pulsar, reproduced from a diagram appearing in the January 1971 issue of Scientific American magazine by […]

La diversidad de escucha se incrementa casi un 40% en Spotify

Cualquier dato ofrecido de aquí en adelante proviene de fuentes internas de Spotify. La industria musical está creciendo después de años de declive, con el incremento atribuido al streaming. Si esta es la manera en que la gente escucha música ahora, ¿qué significa eso para los artistas? ¿Lo tendrán más fácil para encontrar su audiencia […]

Data Reveals Podcasts Are Workday-Friendly

You know the routine: get to your desk, put on some music, and start working, right? Not necessarily. It turns out that podcasts, sometimes more associated with commuting, peak more during the workday than music does. Many tasks (for example writing, or other tasks involving words), call for music that helps you focus. But this […]

Data Viz: ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ Follows the Eclipse

During the recent eclipse, listening to Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” exploded 3,521 percent on Spotify in the United States (1,017 percent globally) as the moon’s shadow began to cross the country. The song also spiked 75 percent on March 10, 2016, the day after another total eclipse. This time, we saw a […]

How Students Listen 2017

College is about learning, learning how to learn, and expanding horizons before they narrow into careers and other trappings of post-student life. Universities are also places where people form musical identities, due not only to the relatively inadvanced age of the student listener (music taste solidifies with age). It’s also because they’re living with each other, all the time, for years, in […]

Iconic Playlists: What Emoji Say About Music

Did you know Spotify users have made over 35 million playlists with emoji in their titles? Which artists get the most emoji? Which ones do they get? And what could the dog emoji have to do with reggaeton? Emoji, those cute, simple images that convey thoughts on chats and social media, arguably represent the most […]

España Escucha Un 30,84% Más Música Clásica Que en el Resto del Mundo

Aparentemente hoy en día la música clásica, sus autores, compositores y artistas permanecen ocultos en las listas de éxitos y ya poco se habla de las últimas novedades en este género (salvo que acudas a espacios muy especializados). Sin embargo, los datos de Spotify sobre consumo de música clásica en España demuestran dos cosas: la […]

NCAA March Madness: The Musical Version

Tonight, the sixteen college basketball teams who’ve made it into the Sweet Sixteen round of the 2017 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship will face off to see who makes it into the next round, with a chance to win the whole thing. What if, instead of games of basketball, the “March Madness” tournament were decided by which schools […]

Animated Heat Map: Prince Listening Around the World

In celebration of Prince’s return to streaming, here is a map of Prince listening over time. Which city listened to the most Prince? That would be his hometown of Minneapolis; see the top 20 Prince-listening cities by share of listening below the map.   These cities had the highest share of Prince listening: Minneapolis, Minnesota, […]