The Tragically Hip Listening Surges Following Epic Farewell Show

Fans of Canadian legends The Tragically Hip gave their the band an epic send-off in the form of a massively-attended farewell concert — the second-most-watched video event of any kind in Canadian history. One in three Canadians saw it, and possibly many more, as fans gathered around single screens for viewing parties.

This legendary (and amazing to see, as I can tell you) concert’s effect extended well beyond the concert video, as fans have been binge-streaming The Tragically Hip’s music catalog to an extraordinary extent on Spotify.

Spotify director of developer platform Paul Lamere, who spends a lot of time understanding how people listen to music, has been playing around with a new metric for analyzing binge listening. Usually, this turns up lots of white noise and sleep-related music, because people play those tracks over and over again.

This time, he saw something different (click to expand):


The pink dots nearest the top of this chart represent the artists who are the most binge-listened-to on Spotify. Lamere usually sees rain sounds and nature sounds appear there, but this time, The Tragically Hip made an appearance way up at the top.

“I’ve been looking at binge listening patterns, and this week I see an extreme outlier where people are binging on a single artist way out of proportion,” wrote Lamere. “It’s an artist in what is normally the ‘sleep sounds’ area of the curve (sleep and nature sounds have high binge coefficients because people leave them on repeat over night). The artist is, of course: The Tragically Hip. Seems like all of Canada has been listening to them non-stop.”

The above chart depicts binge listening on a global scale, which means fans of band all over the world have been listening, and listening, and listening.

Listen to The Tragically Hip:

One thought on “The Tragically Hip Listening Surges Following Epic Farewell Show

  1. Cool. Is there anything you (Spotify) can do about making all their albums available in Europe? I’m using iTunes for the first time in years because the old albums are blocked. Thanks, eh.


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