#BlackGirlMagic on Spotify and Instagram

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#BlackGirlMagic celebrates the power, resilience and beauty inspired by black women in our generation and generations past.

As part of Black History Month, Spotify and Instagram have teamed up to spotlight #BlackGirlMagic with an interactive U.S. map highlighting the most-liked Instagram posts featuring the artists from #BlackGirlMagic playlists who are most associated with each state, according to Spotify listening.

Instagram and Spotify are also debuting a first-time #BlackGirlMagic playlist. And to show how Instagram users and Spotify listeners within the #BlackGirlMagic community express themselves across both platforms, we’ve pulled together some data (below) associated with the hashtag and playlists.

Continue celebrating Black History Month by visiting Spotify’s 2018 Black History Month Hub, featuring multimedia, playlists, and more.

10 countries with the most #BlackGirlMagic mentions on Instagram:

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. South Africa
  5. France
  6. Nigeria
  7. Brazil
  8. Jamaica
  9. Italy
  10. Germany

10 cities with the most #BlackGirlMagic mentions on Instagram:

  1. New York
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Atlanta
  4. London
  5. Washington DC
  6. Chicago
  7. Houston
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Charlotte (NC)
  10. Toronto

10 hashtags with the most Instagram mentions alongside #BlackGirlMagic:

  1. #Melanin
  2. #BlackGirlsRock
  3. #NaturalHair
  4. #Fashion
  5. #MelaninPoppin
  6. #Love
  7. #Beauty
  8. #Makeup
  9. #blackwomen
  10. #blackisbeautiful

10 artists most streamed in Black Girl Magic playlists on Spotify:

  1. Beyoncé
  2. SZA
  3. Rihanna
  4. Solange
  5. Kehlani
  6. Nicki Minaj
  7. Janelle Monáe
  8. Alicia Keys
  9. Lizzo
  10. India.Arie

10 songs most streamed in Black Girl Magic playlists on Spotify:

  1. Janelle Monáe – Q.U.E.E.N. [feat. Erykah Badu]
  2. Solange – Don’t Touch My Hair
  3. Nicki Minaj – Feeling Myself
  4. SZA – 20 Something
  5. Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money
  6. Che Lingo – Black Girl Magic
  7. Janelle Monáe – Yoga
  8. SZA – Love Galore
  9. Mabel – Finders Keepers
  10. Beyoncé – Flawless Remix

Top 10 US cities where #BlackGirlMagic playlists are being created (normalized by number of Spotify users):

  1. Washington, District of Columbia, US
  2. Decatur, Georgia, US
  3. Raleigh, North Carolina, US
  4. Marietta, Georgia, US
  5. Silver Spring, Maryland, US
  6. Brooklyn, New York, US
  7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
  8. Boston, Massachusetts, US
  9. Memphis, Tennessee, US
  10. Jacksonville, Florida, US

Top 10 countries where #BlackGirlMagic playlists are being created (normalized by number of Spotify users):

  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Sweden
  5. Australia
  6. Norway
  7. New Zealand
  8. Denmark
  9. France
  10. Germany

#BlackGirlMagic Artist most distinctive to each state on Spotify (see the map):

  1. Alabama: Nicki Minaj
  2. Alaska: Beyoncé
  3. Arizona: Alicia Keys
  4. Arkansas: Beyoncé
  5. California: Kehlani
  6. Colorado: Lauryn Hill
  7. Connecticut: Nicki Minaj
  8. Delaware: Beyoncé
  9. District of Columbia: Jazmine Sullivan
  10. Florida: Nicki Minaj
  11. Georgia:Jazmine Sullivan
  12. Hawaii: Kehlani
  13. Idaho: Beyoncé
  14. Illinois: Beyoncé
  15. Indiana: Nicki Minaj
  16. Iowa: Nicki Minaj
  17. Kansas: Nicki Minaj
  18. Kentucky: Nicki Minaj
  19. Louisiana: Beyoncé
  20. Maine: Nicki Minaj
  21. Maryland: Jazmine Sullivan
  22. Massachusetts: SZA
  23. Michigan: Nicki Minaj
  24. Minnesota: Beyoncé
  25. Mississippi: Beyoncé
  26. Missouri: Beyoncé
  27. Montana: Beyoncé
  28. Nebraska: Nicki Minaj
  29. Nevada: E.R.
  30. New Hampshire: Beyoncé
  31. New Jersey: Nicki Minaj
  32. New Mexico: Alicia Keys
  33. New York: Solange
  34. North Carolina: Jazmine Sullivan
  35. North Dakota: Beyoncé
  36. Ohio: Nicki Minaj
  37. Oklahoma: Nicki Minaj
  38. Oregon: Solange
  39. Pennsylvania: Nicki Minaj
  40. Rhode Island: Beyoncé
  41. South Carolina: Beyoncé
  42. South Dakota:Nicki Minaj
  43. Tennessee: Beyoncé
  44. Texas: E.R.
  45. Utah: Beyoncé
  46. Vermont: Beyoncé
  47. Virginia: E.R.
  48. Washington: Kehlani
  49. West Virginia: Nicki Minaj
  50. Wisconsin: Nicki Minaj
  51. Wyoming: Beyoncé

Here’s the Spotify & Instagram #BlackGirlMagic playlist: 

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