Who Is Spotify Insights?


Note: On August 3, 2019, Spotify Insights will be no more. But all the data stories you’ve come to enjoy will be available in Spotify’s newsroom, For The Record. Head over to the site not just for data insights, but also cultural trends, how-tos, artist interviews, and more. Want to stay on top of all our latest news and stories? Follow us on For The Record’s Twitter feed, @spotifynews.

Spotify Insights consists of a mix of writers, engineers, analysts, and data geniuses. You can read their short bios here:


Ajay Kalia, Product Owner
As Product Owner for Spotify’s Taste Profile initiative, Ajay Kalia oversees strategies for understanding each individual listener and delivering personalized music experiences. Ajay has worked in technology product development for about a decade. Most recently, Ajay served as Product Manager at Spotify subsidiary The Echo Nest, where he launched the Music Audience Understanding product line to help music services predict a listener’s taste, personality, and interests based on music preference.

Paul Lamere, Director of Developer Platform
Paul Lamere is the Director of Developer Platform for music intelligence company, The Echo Nest at Spotify and authors the popular blog, Music Machinery. Paul is active in the Music Information Retrieval and Recommender Systems research communities and is especially interested in using data to help people explore, organize, and discover music. Paul’s work and hacks are world-renowned including the ‘The Infinite Jukebox’, and ‘Girl Talk in a Box’. Paul is a four-time nominee and twice winner of the MTV O Music Award for Best Music Hack (Winning hacks: ‘Bohemian Rhapsichord’ and ‘The Bonhamizer’).

Ariel Marcus, Analyst
Spotify analyst Ariel Marcus strives to better understand our users for the Ads and Marketing departments. Music is one of the oldest expressions of human culture, and Ariel is looking forward to taking a deeper look through this blog. Although now firmly a numbers man, Ariel still retains a love for Mexican food from his time studying Latin American history in school.

Glenn McDonald, Data Alchemist
Glenn McDonald is a Principal Engineer and Data Alchemist for the Echo Nest at Spotify where he spends his time turning interesting data into meaningful and useful data, or sometimes vice versa. He believes music is the thing humans are best at, and that computers and data ought to be able to help us lose ourselves methodically in joy. His various attempts to explore and organize awe include the genre map, Every Noise at Once, The Echo Nest Discovery playlist, tabulating and analyzing the Village Voice‘s annual Pazz & Jop critics poll, running the empath heavy metal statistics site, and writing the long-running music-review column The War Against Silence.

Jomar Perez, Analyst 
Spotify Analyst Jomar Perez focuses on understanding how users behave in order to continually improve the musical experience on Spotify. He uses data to tell meaningful stories — after all, without context, data would just be a set of symbols. A music lover at heart, he believes that leveraging the power and insights of data is key to the future of music.


Eliot Van Buskirk, Data Storyteller
Writer and editor Eliot Van Buskirk has covered and publicly discussed digital music since the ‘90s, as CNET’s first digital music reviewer and columnist. He led online music coverage for CNET (1998-2005) and Wired (2005-2010), publishing a book and making an iPod prediction along the way. Van Buskirk joined The Echo Nest in 2010, launching the widely-syndicated music app publication Evolver.fm, and contributing data stories to The Echo Nest blog. As Data Storyteller at Spotify, he’s looking forward to publishing impactful, real, and enjoyable data stories about his favorite thing in the world.