How Men and Women Differ as Music Fans: The Outliers


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“Men are from Mars and women are from Venus,” a book by that name once famously claimed.

Both of these genders generally tend to agree, however, that the music of Bruno Mars is well worth a listen — it’s just about every other artist they seem to disagree on.

Here are some key findings:

There’s just not a lot of overlap between the music men and women listen to the most. Only one artist falls in the top five for both genders: Bruno Mars. The same is true of most of the rest of music. About 30 percent of artists skew heavily towards male or female listeners, and about 70 percent appeal at least somewhat to both genders.

These artists skewed more female-to-male than any others in the top 1,000:

These artists skewed more male-to-female than any others in the top 1,000:

Accounting for gender bias in either direction, the most popular five artists across both of these groups are…