This Generational Difference Boils Down To Roy Orbison vs. Skrillex


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One person’s favorite music is another one’s racket; it’s just the way of the world. In analyzing the listening data, director of developer platform Paul Lamere found that 13-year olds and 64-year olds showed an interesting divergence of taste.

But how?

According to his research, the artist that 13-year-olds play the most, which 64-year-olds also play the least is Skrillex.

The gulf in musical taste between these groups of people boils down to dubstep, in a sense. The proof: that’s what Skrillex makes, and he’s the single most differentiating artist between these two ages of listener, from the point of view of the 13-year-olds. This is the artist a 13-year-old should play if they want to enjoy themselves while playing a 64-year-old something they probably haven’t heard before.

How about the other way around? Which artist do 64-year-olds listen to the most that 13-year-olds listen to the least?

The dulcet tones of Roy Orbison are in fact the most distinguishing difference between these two groups of listeners, from the point of view of the 64-year-olds. So if they want to play something they’ll enjoy that their grandkids hardly ever listen to, Roy Orbison is their man.

One generation’s Roy Orbison is another generation’s Skrillex, in a sense.

(Image courtesy of Flickr/Brian Hayden Safdie)