Music Fans’ Most Distinctive Artists by State


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Paul Lamere, director of developer platform of The Echo Nest at Spotify, has determined the recording artist that is most “distinctive” to music fans in any state — that is to say, their favorite artists, relative to the people in other states — and presented his findings in the map above.

Rhode Islanders listen to more Nirvana than people in other states do. Vermonters are, predictably, the biggest Phish Heads, while Oregonians listen to more Kurt Vile than people elsewhere. The list goes on, and it’s fascinating.

Rather than being based on where artists are from (also interesting), the above chart is based on the real listening behavior of music fans. In the course of providing personalized music recommendations, we can extract all kinds of interesting things from that data about how musical taste varies in various groups of people, based on the real world.

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To delve in deeper, check out Paul Lamere’s Music Machinery blog, where he breaks down the data, and try the web app he built for finding the biggest listening differences between any two states