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Spotify Insights provides timely, data-driven articles about how people experience music to journalists, music enthusiasts, students, and other curious parties.

As the world’s favorite on-demand music service, Spotify, along with subsidiary The Echo Nest, encompasses a universe of data about tens of millions of recordings, what happens when one of them becomes a hit, what it might mean about someone’s musical taste if they listen to Roy Orbison instead of Skrillex, and much more.

Our mission: to tell data stories about music in an entertaining, informative way, while maintaining a scientific approach. Everything here will be real, in other words, based on actual data and respect for the scientific process.

Both Spotify and The Echo Nest have publicized their research for years. Spotify Insights gives these data stories a new platform that will let us tell even more stories in the future.

Every post you read on Insights will be based, foundationally, on millions or even billions of real-time data points. Algorithms will be involved. So will “big data.” But really, music is about the people who make it and the people who love it, and so everything we’ll do on Insights is ultimately about people.

This is going to be fun, and it’s going to be science, and best of all, everything we cover will revolve around music, artists, and listeners — our favorite topics.

To stay up to date with our findings, come back to insights.spotify.com from time to time, or follow Spotify on Twitter or Facebook. You can read our stories in four categories:

Welcome to Spotify Insights. You can find out more about us on the bios page.

Eliot Van Buskirk
Data Storyteller, Spotify
September 10, 2014 


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