Three Ways To Listen Like A Canadian

  • ‘Canadify’ any artist with our online translator.
  • Check out 100 songs Canadians disproportionately prefer.
  • Listen to four playlists of Canadian music.

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spotify_canadaSpotify launched in Canada last week, geared specifically to this multifaceted audience with two official languages and loyal listening to original music.

Canadians can install Spotify (English or French).

As always, we’re interested in looking at thought-provoking charts, maps, apps, hacks, and playlists, and this time, that means a fun web app, and playlists of the music Canadians disproportionately listen to. We’ll also check out some Canadian genres and a compilation of the “greatest Canadian songs so far.”

First, here’s a fun web app: Canadify (available in English, French and Chinese) from Paul Lamere, director of developer platform for The Echo Nest at Spotify:


Canadify lets you input any artist from around the world to get back a playlist of similar music that’s 100 percent pure Canadian. Under the hood, this app applies music intelligence from The Echo Nest (a Spotify subsidiary) to analyze the given artist, find the most culturally and acoustically similar artists to generate the all-Canadian results.

The upshot of all of this: You can enter just about any artist to listen to a playlist of the most similar Canadian artists. Our goal with Spotify Canada is to integrate seamlessly with the listening needs of Canadians. Canadify, on the other hand, is more of a “fun with data”-style web app, but it can lead to some interesting listening and certainly shows the range and depth of great music coming from Canada.

Try it — it works. You can save the result as a playlist just like any other. Here’s what happened when we “Canadified” our example band*:


Note that if you enter a Canadian artist, the app lets you know you’ve already got a Canadian on your hands.

The app is a lot of fun. Now, to get a flavor of what Canadians listen to more than people elsewhere, let’s listen to the 100 songs that Canadians listen to proportionally more than people in other countries.

These might be considered “essential” to Canadian listeners, but only in one specific way: It’s the stuff they listen to a lot, relative to people elsewhere:

Finally, some playlists based on Canadian genres:

And a bonus playlist from NettwerkMusic on Spotify:

* Transparency: I had to use an example band because I wanted to show search results in the screenshot, so I chose my brother’s and cousin’s band, Javelin