What Does Music Streaming Mean for Brands?


Streaming is becoming an even bigger part of the picture for music fans — one reason Spotify is growing so fast and streaming is expanding overall.

Who is doing all of this streaming?

Whenever a new type of behavior emerges, people, including marketers, are interested in knowing more about those who exhibit it — what they like, what they don’t like, how they spend their time, whether or not they tend to stick with the same brands, and so on.

To learn more about the people who stream music for marketers or anyone else who finds it interesting, Spotify worked with comScore on a Brand Impact Study looking at how music streamers relate to brands relative to the rest of the population, by surveying 4,500 people in detail.

The full 66-page report (downloadable .pdf) includes a number of interesting findings, including the ones pictured above right.

There’s plenty to digest in the full report, so here are a few appetizers:

  • Music streamers are 74 percent more likely to listen to music on a smartphone compared to non-streamers, defined as people who stream music monthly or less — i.e. they listen via downloads, physical media, or some other method, or don’t listen at all. (Less than one percent don’t listen at all.)
  • Streamers are 21 percent more likely to read newspapers, and 112 percent more likely to read magazines.
  • Streamers are five times more likely to watch television and movies online daily.
  • Streamers are nearly five times more likely than non-streamers to listen to music while they shop.

You can download the study or read more about it here.