5 Discovery-Themed Playlists for Spotify’s New Touch Preview

Touch Preview 1Prospectors seeking gold don’t bag up every rock they see. Likewise, when we’re out there harvesting the best music for our personal collections from the tens of millions of songs at our fingertips, we skip through lists the way we used to flip through record covers, looking for the stuff that speaks loudest to us.

With so much music out there, we need every tool we can get for finding the golden nuggets, and now, Spotify users on iOS (Android to come) have a great new tool at their disposal in Touch Preview.

To use this feature, press and hold any song, artist, or playlist on Spotify to hear it. Release your finger to stop previewing, or swipe left to collect it (iPhone only), and you’re right back where you left off within Spotify.

Touch Preview gives listeners another way to explore the world. It’s geared for those times when you’re staring down a bunch of music and want to hear what it sounds like instantly before you hit play or swipe to collect.

In celebration of this unique feature, here are five great discovery-themed playlists, filled with tracks that our data indicate are bubbling up through the internets and social networks, and which could be worthy of a preview — or, even better, a Touch Preview. (If you’re on a desktop computer, follow these playlists then open them in iOS.)

Here, you’ll find songs that are heating up in terms of attention and plays, but which aren’t yet big hits, having been created by artists who are not yet widely established in the popular consciousness. This should make a perfect playlist for trying out Touch Preview:


These are the most-shared songs on Spotify — the ones people are sending to their friends via the Facebook, Twitter, or Spotify social networks. Now you can sample them all with a sustained touch of the finger.


For a global tour of what’s happening music-wise today, try this playlist, which includes the most disproportionately popular song in dozens of countries around the world. You won’t know which country, which is part of the fun — to explore each country’s distinct musical taste in detail, go here:


Artists and record labels have traditionally released music on Tuesdays, although some now choose other days. Touch Preview helps you flip through to find what’s new that’s right for you:


Every day, this playlist updates with 100 randomly selected tracks from Spotify. You never know what you might find here, and you can audition it all more easily than before.


Here’s the video: 


And here are some screenshots of Spotify’s new Touch Preview feature in action: