Fight Music Taste Freeze with Genre-A-Day


Conventional wisdom has it that our music taste tends to freeze before the end of our 20s. It doesn’t have to be that way. Even those of us juggling jobs, commutes, school, kids, cooking, snow shoveling, hobbies, exercise, repairs, social networking, television, and/or sleep might not have the time or inclination to research genres of music that are new to them.

It’s too bad, because people whose lives are jam-packed with routine are precisely those whose experiences can be broadened by something out of the ordinary. To combat boredom and busy schedules, we recommend signing up for the Genre A Day Twitter or checking out its website.

Why? Because it lets you be lazy, busy, or (more likely) lazy because you’ve been so busy, and still discover lots of great new music. Genre A Day (Twitter for daily updates) serves up a new genre each day as the name suggests, with the help of human-powered algorithms that analyze words people use to describe music, then codify all of it into a massive, grassroots map of music genres.

Each genre of the day comes with a quick description to get you up to speed followed by the top artists of the genre, its most similar genres, and three tabbed playlists:

  • Core: artists that define the center of the genre
  • In Rotation: artists in the genre who are getting lots of play
  • Emerging: the up-and-comers

All of this is available at a glance, and you can start listening to the playlists in seconds, then go back to whatever you were doing. This is a remarkably simple and easy way to experience something new in your life, which might sound simple or pat, but it’s true.

Today’s genre is World:

genre a day

Paul Lamere, director of developer platform for The Echo Nest at Spotify, built Genre A Day using The Echo Nest’s detailed genre data.

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