Sweet Spot Web App Connects Valentines Through Beloved Artists


Some say we should look for romantic partners who share our taste in music and other matters. Others claim that opposites attract, and that dissimilar pairings make for a better bond.

Whichever philosophy appeals to you, you might get a kick out of Spotify Sweet Spot, a web app launched just in time for Valentine’s Day, which generates playlists based on your favorite artist and that of your Valentine.

Enter both favorite artists into the app, and it will send you on a musical journal from your artist to theirs — a journey whose length depends on how similar your taste is.

If your favorite artists are quite similar, you’ll get there in fewer steps. If they’re far apart musically, well, the journey will be longer, but just as sweet. The whole thing is playable, of course; you can hear your Sweet Spot playlist right there in the web app, save it to your Spotify account like any other playlist, share it with your Valentine, or share it with the world.

Spotify Sweet Spot uses an API from Spotify subsidiary The Echo Nest, which is based on artist similarity.