How They Listen: The Final Four


The college students of America are pretty much the same age, and are similarly engaged in the pursuit of knowledge, fun, and self-improvement. But when it comes to music listening, each school has its own distinct character, as we discovered when we looked at the listening habits of our nation’s universities.

As the nation prepares for the NCAA Final Four basketball tournament, a.k.a. “March Madness,” let’s see how the Final Four teams compare in terms of their favorite high-energy song — perfect for getting amped up for this weekend’s college basketball action — as well as how into music they are:

Favorite High-Energy Jams

To identify each school’s favorite high-energy jam, we ranked the 500 most popular tracks at each school by their energy level attribute. Get fired up for the Final Four by listening to your school’s favorite ultra-high-energy track:

Duke University


Michigan State University


University of Kentucky


University of Wisconsin-Madison


Most Musical Schools, Favorite Songs

As we did during our grand tour of the “most musical universities in America,” let’s rank the Final Four schools by the rate at which their students take advantage of our student deal, which appeals to students who really love music.

Here’s how they stacked up during a recent week in March (schools ranked by ratio of student subscribers to student population):

1. Duke University

Listen like a Blue Devil:


2. University of Wisconsin-Madison

Listen like a Badger:


3. Michigan State University

Listen like a Wolverine:


4. University of Kentucky

Listen like a Wildcat:


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(Photo courtesy of Flickr/Chilli Head)