Top 5 Listening Boosts from Spotify House @ SXSW 2015


This year’s Spotify House, held annually at South by Southwest, was a big success. Even the morning sessions, hosted in conjunction with SoulCycle, drew capacity crowds every day — an impressive feat, considering that SXSW attendees generally stay up late to see the night shows and then make their way back to their lodgings.

In terms of raising the visibility of the artists who played Spotify House, we found that playing the event corresponded to a 103 percent increase in listening, from the week before we announced the lineup, to the week after SXSW.

That’s a big boost: listening to Spotify House artists more than doubled from “Before” to “After” playing the event.

For individual artists, the picture is a bit more complicated, because some of them released albums during the relevant time period. As such, we’ve made two lists:

Top 5 Spotify House Boosts (with new album)

  1. Tobias Jesso Jr.
  2. Conrad
  3. Cam
  4. Houndmouth
  5. James Bay


Top 5 Spotify House Boosts (no new album)

  1. Centavrvs
  3. Buraka Som Sistema
  4. Ryn Weaver
  5. Leon Bridges

Every artist who played Spotify House saw some kind of boost as a result of playing, but the artists listed above enjoyed the biggest boosts from playing Spotify House at SXSW 2015, according to our methodology.


We kept things fairly simple for this one. To calculate the Spotify House Boost, we compared global Spotify listening to these artists for the week before we announced the Spotify House lineup, to their listening during the week after SXSW. Some artists released albums during these time periods, so we categorized them separately. This allowed us to highlight ten great artists instead of five.


Photo by Courtney Chavanell/Spotify