The Sound of 420

 willieToday is April 20, which is 4/20, which is a special day in some circles. The phrase has an obscure origin, as the first such circles apparently took place near a statue in San Rafael, nearly 45 years ago.

According to mostly-agreed-upon lore, the popular phrase 420 originated in San Rafael, California, where a group of teens who called themselves “Waldos” often met at 4:20pm next to a statue of Louis Pasteur to smoke marijuana back in 1971.

The phrase has since expanded to include the date 4/20, when people gather to celebrate it at formal and informal events across the nation.

method manMusic fans have created over forty thousand 420 playlists on Spotify. By next year, that number should reach at least 42,000. Either way, that’s a lot of music people like to listen to in a 420 context.

Spotify decided to crunch the numbers:

  • 75 percent of the 40,000-plus playlists on Spotify with a ‘420’ theme in their titles are created by males.

  • And here are the 20 most-streamed tracks from all of these 420 playlists:


So, that’s how 420 stacks up data-wise this year. As for some more handmade playlists, Willie Nelson and Method Man built some on Spotify this year in commemoration of 4/20: