Most Popular ‘Throwback Thursday’ Tracks on Spotify Playlists

TBT_imageAbout nine years ago, the first-ever “Throwback Thursday” appeared on a sneaker blog. Our Thursdays have never been the same.

Today, many people celebrate Throwback Thursday each week by sharing something from their past, be it a song, photo, or reminiscence, often with the hashtag #TBT.

According to Recode, Matt Halfhill of the sneaker-collecting website NiceKicks took a break “around July 2006” from his usual method of posting about newly-released shoes. Instead, on that particular Thursday, he focused on some of his favorite shoes from the past, and called the new feature “Throwback Thursday.”

In the past nine years, #TBT has blossomed into a global phenomenon, to the point that Spotify now contains over 80 thousand playlists with the words “Throwback Thursday” or “TBT” in their titles.

To create this playlist of the most “Throwback Thursday” music of all time, we identified the songs that are most included in Throwback Thursday playlists.

Here, in honor of the ninth birthday of the original Throwback Thursday, are the most ‘Throwback Thursday’ Spotify tracks of all time:


The playlist makes for great #TBT listening, and it’s based on over 80 thousand playlists, approximately three quarters of which were created by female Spotify users.