‘Wake Me When September Ends’ Listening Spikes When September Ends

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Reddit’s Data Is Beautiful subreddit is abuzz with talk about how Google searches for the Green Day song “Wake Me When September Ends” trends each September.

Since this is a song, and we’re Spotify, we figured we’d check to see what happens with actual listening to the song, too. And sure enough, there’s an uptick in plays for each of the past five Septembers, as you can see below. But although listening to the song is up in September in general, the biggest spike tends to happen on the last day of September or the first day of October.

In four of the past five years, listening to “Wake Me When September Ends” spikes when September ends:



Other than that odd spike in listens on September 17 of this year (in orange), all of the spikes happen when September ends. So what’s up with that weird spike? One theory is that this 9/17 CNBC report, which includes the song title in its headline, is responsible for that.

Back to the Green Day song. You know how sometimes you get an earworm in your head that’s eerily prescient — for example, you might be humming “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham to yourself, and then realize that you forgot to set your alarm for that early flight the next day? Perhaps our minds are trying to tell us something, and the same thing happens here.

When September ends, more people want to hear “Wake Me When September Ends,” which is arguably cause for optimism, because it indicates people are generally not wishing for September to be over, until it actually is.