The Most Disproportionately-Played Hip-Hop in U.S. Cities

pigeonsplanesPigeons and Planes, a music discovery site from the Complex media company, recently posted a fascinating slice of data: a groovily-designed map showing the hip-hop song most uniquely beloved by Spotify listeners a slew of cities across the United States.

To be clear, this isn’t the most popular hip-hop song, which we’d all probably recognize. Instead, it’s the song that people in each city listen to quite frequently, relative to people elsewhere.

“The results were totally unpredictable and surprising,” explains Pigeons and Planes. “We were expecting to uncover a bunch of regional hits, but what we got was something else. In some cities, it’s a rising local artist getting spins. In others, it’s a random classic from decades ago.”

You can check out the map and listen to the songs here.

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