The Most Streamed Music from Spotify Discover Weekly

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For Monday morning motivation, music ranks just behind coffee as people’s favorite boost, according to an Ipsos survey of over three thousand people in Australia, Brazil, France, Sweden, and the United States. While 44 percent understandably choose the top wake-up method, coffee, a full 42 percent choose music to get their day going — more than those who chose working out at 28 percent, or even food at 33 percent.

So it’s fortuitous that Monday morning is when a new personalized Discover Weekly playlist pops into over 100 million Spotify clients. Wherever Monday morning finds our listeners, they can find a fresh batch of music selected just for them, all of which they’ve never played on Spotify before. It’s been and continues to be an incredibly popular feature, with over 40 million listeners, and more tuning in each week.

Discover Weekly is another good way for artists to find an audience, too. Over 8,000 artists have counted over half of their monthly listens as coming from Discover Weekly. So who are these artists? And which of their songs have been the most played on all Discover Weekly playlists?

First, it must be said that there’s something a bit funny about any list of the most-played Discover Weekly music. These playlists are individually personalized for our over 100 million monthly users, based on music they haven’t heard before but that they are likely to like, so it’s more a slice of the most appreciated finds from all of Discover Weekly (here’s yours) than a list of the most popular music, but that’s what makes it interesting.

Most Streamed Discover Weekly Tracks

  2. Parson James – Stole the Show
  3. Lucy Rose – Shiver
  4. The Apache Relay – Katie Queen Of Tennessee
  5. Sam Smith – Lay Me Down – Flume Remix
  6. Jaymes Young – We Won’t
  7. On An On – Drifting
  8. Gabrielle Aplin – Panic Cord – Hucci Remix
  9. Travis Mills – Young & Stupid
  10. Madilyn Bailey – Wildest Dreams

Most Streamed DW Tracks (playlist)

Most Streamed Artists on Discover Weekly

The following artists were streamed more than any other from Discover Weekly playlists during our study’s timespan, from its launch on July 20, 2015 to the end of April 2016. The biggest winner, artist-wise, as in the top song category, is LANY. Here’s the whole list:

  1. LANY
  2. BØRNS
  3. Zedd
  4. Sam Smith
  5. Halsey
  6. Banks
  7. Imagine Dragons
  9. Seafret
  10. Tori Kelly

Most Collected Music from Spotify Discover Weekly

Discover Weekly great for finding music to collect so you can listen to it later. Here are the gems DW listeners have saved the most to their Spotify collections and playlists:

Most Streamed Genres on Spotify Discover Weekly

As you can see, lots of the music played on Discover Weekly comes from indie artists you haven’t regularly seen at the top of the charts (yet?). Here’s what kind of music they play… a full 6 of the top 10 genres have the word “indie” in them:

  1. Pop
  2. Indietronica
  3. Indie Pop
  4. Indie Folk
  5. Indie Poptimism
  6. Indie Rock
  7. Indie R&B
  8. Chamber Pop
  9. Stomp and Holler
  10. Dance Pop

Listen to your Discover Weekly playlist here!


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