How Reggaeton Became a Global Phenomenon on Spotify

Latin music, in particular the reggaeton genre, with its addictive, start-stop beat (sample below), has expanded far beyond its places of origin to become a global genre that regularly tops the charts. Throughout the summer Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito – Remix,” featuring none other than Justin Bieber singing in Spanish, followed by J […]

How Students Listen 2017

College is about learning, learning how to learn, and expanding horizons before they narrow into careers and other trappings of post-student life. Universities are also places where people form musical identities, due not only to the relatively inadvanced age of the student listener (music taste solidifies with age). It’s also because they’re living with each other, all the time, for years, in […]

NCAA March Madness: The Musical Version

Tonight, the sixteen college basketball teams who’ve made it into the Sweet Sixteen round of the 2017 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Championship will face off to see who makes it into the next round, with a chance to win the whole thing. What if, instead of games of basketball, the “March Madness” tournament were decided by which schools […]

Animated Heat Map: Prince Listening Around the World

In celebration of Prince’s return to streaming, here is a map of Prince listening over time. Which city listened to the most Prince? That would be his hometown of Minneapolis; see the top 20 Prince-listening cities by share of listening below the map.   These cities had the highest share of Prince listening: Minneapolis, Minnesota, […]

National Geographic’s Best Winter Trips of 2017

Looking for some winter travel options? National Geographic recently launched its Best Winter Trips 2017, with a range of options around the world, listed below. To help prospective travelers get a feel for the places on the list, Spotify curated a playlist for each destination, and then we put them on a map, so you can […]

Musical Map of the World 2.0

Music is a universal language — and maybe one with more variants than any other. To understand these nuances, let’s step back and see and hear how people around the world (cities and countries) listen to music differently, what they share the most, and more. Click a country or city to hear its music (instructions […]

Musical Map of the World Adds 100+ Cities

To find out what makes each city’s music taste unique, we highlighted music distinctive to those places in a a new kind of audiographic: this musical map of the world. You can click any city to hear what its people love to listen to, relative to the people everywhere else. The first version of this map traveled […]

Top 25 Metal Genres on Spotify

We already know heavy metal fans are the most loyal of any of the big genres of music. And it’s getting more popular; in a typical week, metal’s share of overall Spotify listening increased 13 percent from 2014 to 2015. Let’s delve further into how people listen to Metal by looking at the top 25 […]

Most Popular ‘Throwback Thursday’ Tracks on Spotify Playlists

About nine years ago, the first-ever “Throwback Thursday” appeared on a sneaker blog. Our Thursdays have never been the same. Today, many people celebrate Throwback Thursday each week by sharing something from their past, be it a song, photo, or reminiscence, often with the hashtag #TBT. According to Recode, Matt Halfhill of the sneaker-collecting website […]

Musical Map: Cities of the World

In our connected world, people everywhere tend to enjoy the same top hits, as we can tell by looking at the top song in each country. But when most travelers visit another place, they don’t seek out the same food they eat at home, even if they can find it. We travel to experience what makes a […]

‘Most Patriotic’ States According to Spotify Listening

It’s nearly time for we Americans to gather together for cookouts, fireworks, and festooning the red, white, and blue. For many of us, a steady stream of music accompanies the celebration. Last year, we identified the evergreen, perennial music for the ages that most defines The Fourth of July — the songs that appear the […]

How They Listen: Cord Cutters and Connected Home Streamers

A growing percentage of the population is cutting the cord each year, streaming their video entertainment over the internet, instead of via cable or satellite. Approximately 1.4 million new homes populated in the US alone have cut the cord within the past year, or never had it in the first place, according to MoffettNathanson analyst […]

The Sound Of Portland, Oregon

Welcome to the first installment of “The Sound Of Cities,” in which Spotify Insights takes a close look at a city’s musical taste to see what makes it tick — or, rather, hum, sing, whistle, and dance. First up: Portland, Oregon, USA, a place lovingly portrayed as an organic, indie, bicycle town “where young people […]