Fight Music Taste Freeze with Genre-A-Day

Conventional wisdom has it that our music taste tends to freeze before the end of our 20s. It doesn’t have to be that way. Even those of us juggling jobs, commutes, school, kids, cooking, snow shoveling, hobbies, exercise, repairs, social networking, television, and/or sleep might not have the time or inclination to research genres of […]

Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, Especially Missy Elliott Win Super Bowl Boosts on Spotify

Super Bowl XLIX was a nail-biter for the ages that came down to one spectacularly dramatic play that had fans of each team jumping for joy or staring in disbelief, depending on which team they support. The football wasn’t the only thing that needed to get run yesterday. After 111.5 million people tuned in to […]

Black History Month: How 4 Icons Influenced Your Favorite Band

In celebration of Black History Month, and in support of the numerous, invaluable, and myriad contributions of the African American community to our favorite subject, music, we built four web apps that let you enter any artist on Spotify to see and hear the chain of musical influence leading from each of four iconic black […]

Super Bowl Playlist Battle: New England vs. Washington

On Sunday, over 100 million Americans will gather to see the New England Patriots or Seattle Seahawks win Super Bowl XLIX. The people in these places are different, and not just because of which team they back. They also listen to different music. By looking at the music that’s uncommonly popular in one place vs. […]

How A Wildly Popular Playlist Expanded Avicii’s Reach on Spotify

To celebrate New Year’s Eve this year, Spotify and Avicii turned the popular Fresh Dance Tracks playlist into a 24-hour global One World Party with local shoutouts to individual regions, photos, video, and a new Avicii track exclusive to Spotify — a self-remix entitled “The Nights.” The big idea: to give NYE partiers and dance […]

5 Discovery-Themed Playlists for Spotify’s New Touch Preview

Prospectors seeking gold don’t bag up every rock they see. Likewise, when we’re out there harvesting the best music for our personal collections from the tens of millions of songs at our fingertips, we skip through lists the way we used to flip through record covers, looking for the stuff that speaks loudest to us. […]

The 100 Most Immortal Tracks on Spotify Right Now

Popular music trundles ever onward, picking up new styles and trends as it discards the old. Except when it doesn’t. Some art holds sway over the popular consciousness for many years — in music, these would be songs for the ages. Now that we’re in the future, here in 2015, we wondered: Which music from […]

The King Lives On: Elvis’s Biggest Influences

You might not see Elvis Presley atop the charts these days, but “The King” played an undeniably crucial role in the history of music — and his influence continues, whether you listen to him every day or not. Elvis was arguably the first mainstream radio and television rock star, and he still makes his way […]

What Does Music Streaming Mean for Brands?

Streaming is becoming an even bigger part of the picture for music fans — one reason Spotify is growing so fast and streaming is expanding overall. Who is doing all of this streaming? Whenever a new type of behavior emerges, people, including marketers, are interested in knowing more about those who exhibit it — what they […]

To Make A Chart-Topping Song, Think ‘Slightly Unconventional’

What makes a hit song? People have been chasing that formula since the earliest days of the recorded music industry, and nobody has found it. One company that tries, Next Big Sound, estimates its success rate at picking songs that will soon make the Billboard 200 (based on data from Spotify, Instagram, and other sources) […]

The Million Tracks of Christmas: Deep Data Dive

Spotify has nearly 180,660 Christmas songs from 63,711 artists — “everybody from Aaron Neville to Zuma the King,” according to Paul Lamere, director of developer platform for The Echo Nest at Spotify, who analyzed all of that Christmas music — nearly one million tracks in total — to discover: Top 20 artists with the most Christmas tracks on Spotify, Top 25 most recorded Christmas […]

Post Mortem: Slipknot’s Halloween Spotify Takeover

In honor of the scariest holiday — okay, the only even slightly scary holiday, unless you harbor an irrational fear of Santa or the Bunny — Slipknot seized control of Spotify’s popular Rock Right Now playlist in celebration of this year’s Halloween. Their Playlist Takeover included original shoutouts and song dedications the band recorded to […]

Artist Explorer Might Find Your Next Favorite Band in Seconds

You just stumbled upon an amazing way to breeze your way through the world of music on a nearly infinite number of paths starting from whatever artists you hold most dear or are most curious about. Artist Explorer is easy and fun, and you’re practically guaranteed to find artists of interest to you that you’ve never […]

Comet Landing Boosts Aerosmith Listening

Humankind made history last week when the Rosetta spacecraft’s robotic lander Philae touched down on Comet 67P/Churymov-Gerasimenko. Actually, it landed three times, at 15:34 (pictured above), 17:25, and 17:32 GMT. Yes, the Philae bounced a couple of times, and ended up without enough access to sunlight, so it’s hibernating until it and the comet get […]