How College Students Listen in the United States

  College radio stations might not hold the sway they once did, now that dorm rooms are connected to all of the music on the internet. But it’s somewhat telling that Napster, the file-sharing service that fundamentally altered the course of music history, was created in a dorm room to help students share music with […]

‘Wake Me When September Ends’ Listening Spikes When September Ends

Reddit’s Data Is Beautiful subreddit is abuzz with talk about how Google searches for the Green Day song “Wake Me When September Ends” trends each September. Since this is a song, and we’re Spotify, we figured we’d check to see what happens with actual listening to the song, too. And sure enough, there’s an uptick in […]

50 Genres with the Strangest Names on Spotify

When you build a system for classifying music that reacts to cultural and acoustic information, some fairly strange-sounding clusters of music appear. These genres emerge based on how it sounds, how people describe music, and how they listen to it. Let’s explore the most strangely-named music genres on Spotify. These are the secret rain forest […]

Why You Need Spotify’s ‘Sorting Hat’ for New Releases

Every week, music makers unleash thousands of new recordings on the world, most of which has yet to be reviewed, blogged about, analyzed, or even heard beyond their inner circle. If you’re excited by the freshest sounds the world has to offer, you’ve already found out how hard that is, especially if you’re looking for […]