Top 40 Musical Universities in America: How Students Listen

(interactive map) This fall, millions of students are settling in at the universities where they’ll study, socialize, and prepare for their futures — and that includes discovering music they’ll listen to for the rest of their lives. Maybe it’s all the fresh sounds encountered just as they’re learning new things and working out who they […]

4 Road Trip Playlists Data-Crunched from the Crowd

(This post originally appeared here.) We counted 111,690 Spotify playlists earlier this month with the words “road trip” or “roadtrip” in their titles — oodles of great music that Spotify users have chosen with long-distance driving specifically in mind. To channel that sea of music into four playlists you can listen to (below), we first […]

For German Music Fans, World Cup Victory Was Cause for Celebration

(This post originally appeared here.) Yesterday, Germany stunned World Cup host Brazil with a 7-1 victory, breaking records and Brazilian hearts. But for fans of the German side, which will now advance to the World Cup final, the result was cause for major celebration. And celebrate they did.

Soccer Fans Listen Differently in Winning and Losing Countries

(This post originally appeared here.) Nearly half of the world’s population watched at least a minute of the last World Cup, according to FIFA (.pdf). At this year’s Brazilian extravaganza, we expect even more people to tune in, given that viewership increased 8 percent last time around. But you don’t need to know that to […]

This Generational Difference Boils Down To Roy Orbison vs. Skrillex

(This post originally appeared here.) One person’s favorite music is another one’s racket; it’s just the way of the world. In analyzing the listening data, director of developer platform Paul Lamere found that 13-year olds and 64-year olds showed an interesting divergence of taste. But how?

How Men and Women Differ as Music Fans: The Outliers

(This post originally appeared here.) “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus,” a book by that name once famously claimed. Both of these genders generally tend to agree, however, that the music of Bruno Mars is well worth a listen — it’s just about every other artist they seem to disagree on.

Is Your Band Name Taken? Find Out Here

(This post originally appeared here.) One of the best things about starting a band is coming up with the name. It’s so fun that even people who aren’t starting a band like to do it. If you had a nickel for every time you’d heard “Hey, that’d be a great band name,” you’d probably have […]

How Music Taste Predicts Movie Taste

(This post originally appeared here.) We’re building ways to understand your music taste, or Musical Identity, and relate that to your taste in politics, movies, and other areas. Before we get to that, what is “Musical Identity?” Music taste is so personal. It’s an important part of defining and communicating who we are. Unlike the […]