How ‘Weird’ Is Austin Really?

South by Southwest is just around the corner, which means the tech, music, and film industries will soon descend on Austin, Texas, transforming it into a non-stop circus/conference. The city of Austin, Texas exists during the rest of the year, too. Its unofficial catchphrase since the year 2000 — “Keep Austin Weird” — which began […]

Crowdsourced Discovery: 100 Emerging Artists from SXSW 2015

South by Southwest began as a small music festival with only 700 registrants, where A&R reps from the labels scouted bands with the intent of discovering, and then signing, the cream of the crop. Austin’s homegrown festival has since grown into a huge, multi-pronged event: Music, Film, and Interactive, plus offshoots like SXSWedu, SXSports, and […]

How They Listen: First 10 Cities with Uber + Spotify

Earlier this week, Spotify and Uber, two leaders of their respective categories, joined forces to allow riders to hop into Uber cars with their Spotify music of choice already playing. Riders with Spotify premium can simply connect the two apps to add a playlist to their Spotify-enabled Uber. The program kicks off this Friday, November […]

How Freiburg, Germany Is Like New York City

The city of Freiburg, at the edge of Germany’s Black Forest, is a bucolic place with cobbled streets, the warmest climate in Germany, and students — lots of students. This town of  230K is home to Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, which attracts about 25K students each year, a good amount of them from abroad.* In most ways, Freiburg […]

Halloween’s Most ‘Spirited’ Cities

Plenty of Halloween music out there only gets played once a year, like the mighty Monster Mash. We love those perennial Halloween jams, and no Halloween would be complete without them. But more than any other holiday, Halloween is also a good excuse for fun-loving people of any age to dress up and throw a […]

Music Taste World Series: California vs. Missouri

The baseball teams of San Francisco, California and Kansas City, Missouri face each other tonight for the third game of this tied World Series (1-1). These are the Giants and Royals you’ve been hearing so much about. To celebrate each team’s home state and learn something about what makes them unique, Spotify analyst Ariel Marcus […]

How 51 Countries Listen

  Travel is one of life’s great pleasures. It’s also expensive, in terms of time, money, carbon, and hassle. But it’s worth it. Seen in context, our differences connect us. No need to book a travel agent just yet — data alchemist and principal engineer Glenn McDonald for The Echo Nest at Spotify contrived a […]

How Kansas City and San Francisco Really Listen To Lorde ‘Royals’

In response to social media demands from San Francisco Giants fans, San Francisco radio station KFOG announced on the evening of October 16th that it would cease all play of Lorde’s hit song “Royals,” which shares a name with San Francisco’s World Series opponents, the Kansas City Royals. San Francisco’s KOIT followed suit on October […]

EDM & The Amsterdam Dance Event: How The Netherlands Listens

The Electronic Dance Music genre has been with us for decades, but it has more loyal fans over the world than ever before, influencing pop music at large while drawing more and more people to live events. This week, legions of EDM enthusiasts will be sucked into the vortex that is The Amsterdam Dance Event, […]

Three Ways To Listen Like A Canadian

‘Canadify’ any artist with our online translator. Check out 100 songs Canadians disproportionately prefer. Listen to four playlists of Canadian music. Note: This post was published on October 9, 2014 at 9am ET; it’s dateline is a few days earlier in order to preserve the URL. If you’re a journalist who wants early access to articles when available, please get in touch. […]

Music Doppler: Watch Each State’s Favorite Artist Change Over Time

People try to understand the weather by watching precipitation, cloud cover, and storm systems move across a doppler radar map like this one from the National Weather Service: People also decide what to listen to every day. What if we were to view the biggest recording artists like weather systems? Could we observe “Hurricane Lorde” […]

The Bonnaroo Bump: What Happens When a Band Plays a Festival?

  Over 90,000 concertgoers descended on Tennessee’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival this summer to watch 172 bands compete for their attention. We wondered what playing Bonnaroo did for bands in terms of listening. In other words, is there a measurable “Bonnaroo Bump,” akin to Stephen Colbert’s infamous “Colbert Bump”? Yes, we were able to […]

The Festival Ripple Effect

Music festival season is over for the year, leaving rich memories for those who braved the traveling, crowds, and, in some cases, the elements. The festival scene has exploded over the past few years, and the biggest ones play a large role in the music ecosystem. As such, we figured the data would show a […]

Top 40 Musical Universities in America: How Students Listen

(interactive map) This fall, millions of students are settling in at the universities where they’ll study, socialize, and prepare for their futures — and that includes discovering music they’ll listen to for the rest of their lives. Maybe it’s all the fresh sounds encountered just as they’re learning new things and working out who they […]

How Music Migrated from Berlin, London, and Paris

Music never stops evolving, borrowing from the past as it forges the future. Every so often, a mutation occurs, leading to a never-before-heard style, which spreads around the world to various extents, depending on how the music resonates with people in other places. We’ve seen it happen countless times. In the early ‘90s, a grungy […]