4 Road Trip Playlists Data-Crunched from the Crowd

(This post originally appeared here.) We counted 111,690 Spotify playlists earlier this month with the words “road trip” or “roadtrip” in their titles — oodles of great music that Spotify users have chosen with long-distance driving specifically in mind. To channel that sea of music into four playlists you can listen to (below), we first […]

The Most Distinctive ‘Fourth of July’ Songs in 50 U.S. States

(This post originally appeared here.) The Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day in the United States, is nearly here. Folks across the country are gearing up for annual barbecues, parties, picnics, firework displays, and, of course, the “American” songs that get queued up more on that day than on any other — although […]

Soccer Fans Listen Differently in Winning and Losing Countries

(This post originally appeared here.) Nearly half of the world’s population watched at least a minute of the last World Cup, according to FIFA (.pdf). At this year’s Brazilian extravaganza, we expect even more people to tune in, given that viewership increased 8 percent last time around. But you don’t need to know that to […]

Icelanders, Islanders Exhibit Disproportionate Musical Influence

(This post originally appeared here.) The islands of Jamaica and the United Kingdom produce a disproportionate number of musical styles and artists, according to musical legend. The world of pop music would be missing huge pieces, the legend goes, had these islands submerged before the invention of electricity or otherwise been incapable of making music. Taking this […]

We Built This City On…

(This post originally appeared here.)  “We built this city on rock ‘n roll,” observed the ’80s band Starship. Which city? Contenders include San Francisco, or possibly New York or Cleveland, depending on the verse. So, what kinds of music are these cities, not to mention many others, actually “built on?” By combining our data about […]

Music Fans’ Most Distinctive Artists by State

(The original version of this post appeared here.) Paul Lamere, director of developer platform of The Echo Nest at Spotify, has determined the recording artist that is most “distinctive” to music fans in any state — that is to say, their favorite artists, relative to the people in other states — and presented his findings in […]