How College Students Listen in the United States

  College radio stations might not hold the sway they once did, now that dorm rooms are connected to all of the music on the internet. But it’s somewhat telling that Napster, the file-sharing service that fundamentally altered the course of music history, was created in a dorm room to help students share music with […]

50 Genres with the Strangest Names on Spotify

When you build a system for classifying music that reacts to cultural and acoustic information, some fairly strange-sounding clusters of music appear. These genres emerge based on how it sounds, how people describe music, and how they listen to it. Let’s explore the most strangely-named music genres on Spotify. These are the secret rain forest […]

Musical Map of the World Adds 100+ Cities

To find out what makes each city’s music taste unique, we highlighted music distinctive to those places in a a new kind of audiographic: this musical map of the world. You can click any city to hear what its people love to listen to, relative to the people everywhere else. The first version of this map traveled […]

Why You Need Spotify’s ‘Sorting Hat’ for New Releases

Every week, music makers unleash thousands of new recordings on the world, most of which has yet to be reviewed, blogged about, analyzed, or even heard beyond their inner circle. If you’re excited by the freshest sounds the world has to offer, you’ve already found out how hard that is, especially if you’re looking for […]

Top 25 Metal Genres on Spotify

We already know heavy metal fans are the most loyal of any of the big genres of music. And it’s getting more popular; in a typical week, metal’s share of overall Spotify listening increased 13 percent from 2014 to 2015. Let’s delve further into how people listen to Metal by looking at the top 25 […]

Musical Map: Cities of the World

In our connected world, people everywhere tend to enjoy the same top hits, as we can tell by looking at the top song in each country. But when most travelers visit another place, they don’t seek out the same food they eat at home, even if they can find it. We travel to experience what makes a […]

The Sound Of Portland, Oregon

Welcome to the first installment of “The Sound Of Cities,” in which Spotify Insights takes a close look at a city’s musical taste to see what makes it tick — or, rather, hum, sing, whistle, and dance. First up: Portland, Oregon, USA, a place lovingly portrayed as an organic, indie, bicycle town “where young people […]

Explore Rapidly Emerging Music with 3 Data-Crunching Playlists

When he announced the new Spotify in New York last week, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek introduced the world to three music experts who are helping to curate music specifically for Spotify users, including the latest emerging tracks from their genres of expertise: Tuma Basa (hip-hop), Austin Kramer (electronic), and Mjeema Picket (R&B), to name a few. […]

Surprisingly Amazing: The Words Associated with Every Kind of Music

Music fans, prepare to lose a few minutes. Possibly hours. The latest in time-sucking music data entertainment: ‘Genres In Their Own Words’ This is a massive list that pairs nearly 1400 genres with the words that are most distinctive to the song titles from each genre, from Spotify data alchemist Glenn McDonald. If you’re anything like […]

Which Music Genres Have the Loyalest Fans?

Music fans all have our favorite genres — the ones that most resonate with our personal taste, and that we always return to. Hip hop fans, metalheads, EDM enthusiasts, country fans, rockers, reggae lovers, etc. might dabble with other genres, because there’s just too much amazing music out there. Still, we come back to our […]

5 Discovery-Themed Playlists for Spotify’s New Touch Preview

Prospectors seeking gold don’t bag up every rock they see. Likewise, when we’re out there harvesting the best music for our personal collections from the tens of millions of songs at our fingertips, we skip through lists the way we used to flip through record covers, looking for the stuff that speaks loudest to us. […]

The 100 Most Immortal Tracks on Spotify Right Now

Popular music trundles ever onward, picking up new styles and trends as it discards the old. Except when it doesn’t. Some art holds sway over the popular consciousness for many years — in music, these would be songs for the ages. Now that we’re in the future, here in 2015, we wondered: Which music from […]

How They Listen: First 10 Cities with Uber + Spotify

Earlier this week, Spotify and Uber, two leaders of their respective categories, joined forces to allow riders to hop into Uber cars with their Spotify music of choice already playing. Riders with Spotify premium can simply connect the two apps to add a playlist to their Spotify-enabled Uber. The program kicks off this Friday, November […]

How Freiburg, Germany Is Like New York City

The city of Freiburg, at the edge of Germany’s Black Forest, is a bucolic place with cobbled streets, the warmest climate in Germany, and students — lots of students. This town of  230K is home to Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, which attracts about 25K students each year, a good amount of them from abroad.* In most ways, Freiburg […]