The Most Distinctive ‘Fourth of July’ Songs in 50 U.S. States

(This post originally appeared here.) The Fourth of July, also known as Independence Day in the United States, is nearly here. Folks across the country are gearing up for annual barbecues, parties, picnics, firework displays, and, of course, the “American” songs that get queued up more on that day than on any other — although […]

Music Fans’ Most Distinctive Artists by State

(The original version of this post appeared here.) Paul Lamere, director of developer platform of The Echo Nest at Spotify, has determined the recording artist that is most “distinctive” to music fans in any state — that is to say, their favorite artists, relative to the people in other states — and presented his findings in […]

#BlackGirlMagic on Spotify and Instagram

#BlackGirlMagic celebrates the power, resilience and beauty inspired by black women in our generation and generations past. As part of Black History Month, Spotify and Instagram have teamed up to spotlight #BlackGirlMagic with an interactive U.S. map highlighting the most-liked Instagram posts featuring the artists from #BlackGirlMagic playlists who are most associated with each state, according […]

The Most Christmassy Songs & Countries on Spotify

You might have heard holiday music on the radio or in stores last month, and thought, “hmmmm, that’s a bit early.” In fact, Spotify data shows that most listeners weren’t ready for it that soon. As you can see from the data visualization below, which shows Christmas listening by country and day this year, when […]

How Students Listen 2017

College is about learning, learning how to learn, and expanding horizons before they narrow into careers and other trappings of post-student life. Universities are also places where people form musical identities, due not only to the relatively inadvanced age of the student listener (music taste solidifies with age). It’s also because they’re living with each other, all the time, for years, in […]

An Adventure Through Chrome’s Wildly-Varying Emoji Support 🤷🏻

…and how I came to appreciate the challenges of working with emoji Back on March 9, while skimming Hacker News during my inter–job vacation, I read the piece “💩”.length === 2, and thought, huh, that is so interesting. Emoji are way more complicated than I thought. It seems challenging to work with them, but also, not […]

Iconic Playlists: What Emoji Say About Music

Did you know Spotify users have made over 35 million playlists with emoji in their titles? Which artists get the most emoji? Which ones do they get? And what could the dog emoji have to do with reggaeton? Emoji, those cute, simple images that convey thoughts on chats and social media, arguably represent the most […]

Musical Map of the World 2.0

Music is a universal language — and maybe one with more variants than any other. To understand these nuances, let’s step back and see and hear how people around the world (cities and countries) listen to music differently, what they share the most, and more. Click a country or city to hear its music (instructions […]

Millennials’ Favorite Millennial Whoops

The Millennial Whoop, a distinctive series of notes found in many of today’s pop songs as originally discovered by Patrick Metzger, is all over the news, and you might have read about it in one of your social feeds. So we know it’s there. But why? One reason for the preponderance of this particular whoop could […]

Data Viz: How The Super Bowl States Listen

On Sunday, two titans of football will clash in San Francisco: the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. These competitors are separated by 1,357 miles as the crow flies; one sits in the mountains of the west, the other on the eastern seaboard. They’re different, and so it’s no surprise that they have different favorites […]

Meet The Beatles Data

Music fans the world around the world received an early present when The Beatles landed on Spotify on Christmas Eve. Their impact was immediate and global, as the group became the most-streamed artist on Spotify from December 24 to 26, setting a new record for simultaneous streams of a single artist. People are still listening […]

How College Students Listen in the United States

  College radio stations might not hold the sway they once did, now that dorm rooms are connected to all of the music on the internet. But it’s somewhat telling that Napster, the file-sharing service that fundamentally altered the course of music history, was created in a dorm room to help students share music with […]

Musical Map of the World Adds 100+ Cities

To find out what makes each city’s music taste unique, we highlighted music distinctive to those places in a a new kind of audiographic: this musical map of the world. You can click any city to hear what its people love to listen to, relative to the people everywhere else. The first version of this map traveled […]

Musical Map: Cities of the World

In our connected world, people everywhere tend to enjoy the same top hits, as we can tell by looking at the top song in each country. But when most travelers visit another place, they don’t seek out the same food they eat at home, even if they can find it. We travel to experience what makes a […]

‘Most Patriotic’ States According to Spotify Listening

It’s nearly time for we Americans to gather together for cookouts, fireworks, and festooning the red, white, and blue. For many of us, a steady stream of music accompanies the celebration. Last year, we identified the evergreen, perennial music for the ages that most defines The Fourth of July — the songs that appear the […]